Ways to use the Mvine Platform

Here are a few of the scenarios in which our Partners have used the our Cyber-Secure Platform to overcome the barriers to transforming customer experience.

Systems Integrators - Create a 'Single Pane of Glass' UI for your solution.



You need to present a 'Cloud Ready' solution for your client solution but there are many components involved - some are on premise and some are in-cloud. Each software or hardware component has its own access portal but nothing that supports the end-to-end user journey. How can you deliver them an experience that lets them feel like an audience of One and protects them from the complex details of the underlying technologies?


How Mvine can Help:

Mvine can help you create a single, secure, cloud enabled interface to your solution - protecting your client (and their customers) from the complexities of each underlying system. Mvine has both the technologies and experience in developing lean end-to-end customer experiences that take advantage of the full range of access devices - desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile.



  • Quickly and easily develop a single front end to complex multi-component solution stacks
  • Allow your solution to securely operate in the Cloud
  • Offer your customers solutions that help them better differentiate
  • Cost effective - you and your clients can purchase on a per usage basis
  • Rapid and cost effective prototyping for business development
  • Run the solution from our Cloud, your datacentres or deploy on premise

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