Ways to use the Mvine Platform

Here are a few of the scenarios in which our Partners have used the our Cyber-Secure Platform to overcome the barriers to transforming customer experience.

Solution Providers - Create a Next Generation Mobile Application



Providing your client with a highly personalised and secure mobile app requires integration with on premise and in-cloud systems. To be successful you must overcome the challenges of single-sign on, federated user profile management, automated context provisioning and Seamless multiple API integration - all happening in near-real time.


How Mvine can Help:

Mvine has both the technology and expertise to build mobile applications that integrate with a range of directory services, location services and systems of record to create highly personalised customer experiences. The highly sophisticated context provisioning engine operates in near-real time, allowing for experiences based on where customers are, what is known about them and what they are doing.



  • Develop complex and engaging mobile applications in a fraction of the time associated with traditional development approaches
  • Allow your solution to operate securely in the Cloud
  • Integrate with directory services, payment providers and enterprise systems (e.g. Salesforce or SharePoint)
  • Full API available to allow your own development teams to complete the App development
  • Extended support options for global app support

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