Mvine for Chatbot Directories

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is forecasted to go mainstream by 2020. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are experiencing a shift-change in user engagement.

Global brands are attracted to the promise of trust, reach and privacy offered from future communications. Application-to-Person (A2P) and Personal-to-Application (P2A) communication is already a reality.

Dubbed by some as “SMS 2.0” it is clear that RCS messaging creates whole new engagement levels. And it is a world driven by chatbots.

Currently the pace is being set by Google and Samsung. Both offer access to chatbots from leading brands via their own proprietary chatbot directory.

As more brands catch on, chatbots will proliferate. This means chatbot directories will need to deliver categorised and searchable and trusted environments which will power growth in discovery and engagement.

Let Mvine simplify the complexity.

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