Ways to use the Mvine Platform

Here are a few of the scenarios in which our Partners have used the our Cyber-Secure Platform to overcome the barriers to transforming customer experience.

Software OEMs - Enable your Solution for the Cloud



You have spent years building up a best in class but on premise software solutions and now you adapt and compete in an increasingly cloud centric market. However, cloud based web technologies are not core to your value proposition and you don't want to distract internal resources from vital core product development activities.


How Mvine can Help:

Bolt on Mvine's Client Portal technology to your solution and adapt to the Cloud in days and weeks rather than the months and years it might take you to build technology that's not core to your value proposition.



  • Add Cloud features to your product set and win more business
  • Allow your solution to securely operate in the Cloud
  • Be cloud-ready in a fraction of the time it would take you to build the technology from scratch
  • Continue to concentrate your precious internal resources where they matter - on your core value proposition
  • Mvine has all pedigree and tools to grow with you as your business grows

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