Verify Sandbox Service for Private Sector Identity solutions

Mvine Ltd, an established British SME, is one of the first organisations to bring a private sector digital identity exchange platform to the UK market leveraging the GOV.UK Verify identity scheme.

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There is a growing need for verified individual digital identities that can be reused by the individual and trusted by commercial and public sector organisations.

The future of online transactions will be based on the reuse of trusted digital identities.

Cabinet Office created the GOV.UK Verify scheme as a way for citizens to prove who they are online, providing a safer, simpler, and faster way to access government services as more come online. Verify is a major part of the Government Transformation Strategy.

Now it wants to extend the use of the Verify scheme into the private sector, initially by enabling organisations who will self-certify their capabilities against a defined set of Government standards and by providing a secure ‘sandbox’ environment to enable technical and commercial teams in private sector companies to test and learn about Verify.

Mvine is the first company to deliver a working Identity Hub Service in this sandbox environment, giving a fully functional technical proof of concept using its secure distributed digital identity exchange. It also provides a commercial proof of value of its technology allowing Identity Providers and Service Providers to conform to the standards, rules and principles of the Verify-compliant digital identity framework.

Cabinet Office wants to see a competitive open market for digital identity. And it wants to grow the number people with Government-assured digital identity. We believe growing the digital economy relies on digital identity and that growing the adoption of digital identity relies on citizen consent.

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