Mvine For Crisis Management

The Mvine Crisis Management Portal supports a broad range of crisis scenarios from reputational management to product recalls and from disaster incidents to political crises. The platform assists organisations with planning, preparing, handling and managing, responding to, recovering and learning from a crisis.

Mvine For Crisis Management
Respond to a crisis with unrivaled agility

The platform is organised around the user but it is also designed with the enterprise framework in mind. This dual structure is its strength. An active dashboard gives every user a real time view of the latest additions to the site, tailored so they only see what is relevant to them, providing all the information they require to respond rapidly to developments in a single place. The platform caters for the collective needs of global businesses because it manages multiple teams across geographic and organisational boundaries.

Integral to the Mvine system is the ability to create as many teams as are required to support a crisis situation. A typical crisis will involve multiple stakeholders grouped into different teams. Examples of these teams include:

  • PR – a team or teams comprising the agency and the main client contacts.
  • Legal – a team comprising a mix of agency, legal and client individuals.
  • Journalists – external, invited, journalists are usually given access to specific content and updates.

Teams are typically organised by:

  • Stakeholder
  • Project
  • Location

The business benefits of our Crisis Management Platform include the following:

  • Respond rapidly to events and ensure the right information reaches the right person with SMS and email notifications and a dashboard that updates in real time.
  • Keep all your discussions in the same place and prevent information languishing in email inboxes.
  • Improve collaboration across the disparate teams involved in the crisis, reducing knowledge gaps.
  • Reduce the duplication of effort that occurs when team members are not aware of the latest developments.
  • Prevent sensitive information finding its way to the wrong people with role based security access.
  • Draw feeds into a single place to manage social media presence.

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