Mvine For Customer Portals

Consumers now hold unprecedented power over how brands are perceived and purchases are made. The Mvine Customer Portal enables companies to extend and maintain their client relationships beyond the initial point of purchase.

Mvine For Customer Portals
Extend the client relationship beyond the point of purchase

The platform is designed to be used by customers following a purchase and provides a central space for documentation related to the product and a means of adding value to the client engagement. An active dashboard gives customers a real time view of events and promotional material on new products. Additionally it provides a platform for up-selling and cross selling. The system is organised around the customer but it is also designed with the company framework in mind. This dual philosophy is its strength.

The Customer Portal’s content repository suits a range of product scenarios:

Scenario Content
High end consumer goods e.g. luxury cars Manuals produced by the manufacturer are stored centrally alongside documentation owned by the client (license agreements, service and insurance documents). A video library is provided with guides for optimising features of the product such as electronics.
Mobile devices, laptops or computers Both manuals produced by the manufacturer and insurance documentation owned by the client are stored centrally.
Audit Customers store working papers in a single space. Improve client retention while offering further accountancy services.

A Customer Story


A client has purchased a luxury car. When they decide to adjust the air conditioning they cannot remember where they put the manual. Before setting out on a long business trip they wish to integrate their iPhone with the car but do not know how. Finally, when it is time to return the car to the leasing company the client cannot find the relevant lease documents.


Offer customers a personalised product space. Grant clients access to a digitised manual, a video guide on how to optimise the car’s electronics and lease documents with clear version visibility all in the same place. The portal is designed to work on devices such as iPads so it is particularly useful when the customer does not have access to their paper documentation e.g. when they are travelling.

The business benefits of the Customer Portal include the following:

  • Produce reports on customers’ behaviour to fine tune target marketing and bring new products to market successfully by understanding and aligning to customer needs.
  • Contact large groups of customers with SMS and email notifications as part of company marketing strategy.
  • Store content centrally in a self-serve environment for the client. Save time by reducing document loss and client queries.
  • Ensure the information customers require to develop the relationship does not get lost in email inboxes.
  • Save costs on paper. Content is accessible digitally anywhere in the world on multiple devices.
  • Store multiple iterations of documents in the same place to prevent reference to the wrong version.
  • Encourage repeated use of the portal by providing a space for customers to house their own documents associated with the product.

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