Case Studies

Experience shows that the best person to talk about what a company actually does is a client. For that reason, we have sought permission from some of our clients to feature them on this page.

You will find a mixture of material, from write-ups to videos, in which Mvine clients were free to do the talking. In some cases, our clients spoke directly with us. In others, our clients spoke with industry analysts or journalists. If their experience of us was good they say so. If not, they say so.

We are grateful to each of them for taking the time. We thank them for their personal consent to be featured and for the agreement of the company they represent to be named.

Read, watch and learn about their cases studies below.

A transformational approach to BT’s HR portal within just 12 weeks

In just 12 weeks Mvine delivered a secure HR portal solution to BT in multiple languages, displayed via 5 different user experiences depending on which role type you were and 6 integrations with the likes of Oracle and SharePoint. All with access by a web browser or mobile app.


Using the power of digital communications to make a better world

Mvine provided a live discussion forum for over 810 Experts and 17 Featured Guests to discuss how to make a more sustainable future using digital communications. During the three 90 minute discussions, over 800 unique comments were posted and over 670,000 tweets about the discussion were made.


Sponsoring diversity, promoting engagement whilst protecting privacy

With 40,000 Users across 20+ Countries, Mvine provided 9 communities such as the Christian Network, LGBT Network and Disability Network, to name a few, a platform to share 1000’s of documents, discussions and events with each other. This helped over 10,000 Users Connect and collaborate with each other across a large organisation who would otherwise not have.


Insight into the information technology in use today by ECB
Helping to deliver personalised concierge services to its elite membership

Mvine provided over 100,000 Members and more than 10,000 Suppliers with a secure and intelligent user centric experience via 2 Mobile apps and an online portal. All of this integrated with 16 content management systems helped to manage the millions of requests across over 66 countries.


Knowledge Peers helps today’s leaders get ahead of their game

Mvine provides Knowledge Peers with a reliable, safe and disciplined membership management platform for sharing senior level program members’ know-how. It took just a month for Mvine to deploy the first iteration of the Knowledge Peers site. Mvine allowed Knowledge Peers to set-up a variety of groups that only have access to relevant packages of information, capabilities and permissions


Helping Liveable Cities transform city living

With the Mvine platform in place, researchers involved in the Liveable Cities programme can engage across geographical and disciplinary boundaries in ways that were never previously possible. They can publish items in any of the ten workspaces, while monthly and quarterly events ensure the dispersed team keeps in regular contact.


Garrick House Network enable engagement amongst legal professionals

Mvine’s robust and reliable platform with built-in content sharing capabilities would allow the firm to easily share relevant industry information, while its membership management capabilities would enable legal professionals to connect regularly and safely with peers – both online and offline.


Maximising value from intelligent lighting control systems

With over 10,000 light bulbs and fittings across 21 buildings in 1000 rooms, The University of Bath partnered with Mvine to maximise its intelligent lighting control system bringing live reporting and thousands of automated light tests per month together on Mvine’s secure cloud platform.