Mvine For Agencies

The Mvine Agencies Portal supports agencies with managing collateral, collaborating on client brands, and managing client programmes with full visibility throughout.

Mvine For Agencies
Provide unrivaled service to your clients and expand your business

The platform is organised around the user but it is also designed with the enterprise framework in mind. This dual structure is its strength. An active dashboard gives every user a real time view of the latest additions to the site, tailored so they only see what is relevant to them. This presents them with all the information they require to quickly approve collateral in a single place. Each user will have a view of the site which matches the look and feel of their organisation, whether they are a client or agency member. The platform still caters for the collective needs of your business in the way it manages multiple teams across geographic and organisational boundaries, for instance.

The Mvine platform supports a typical agency engagement with any number of teams. An agency team will commonly span multiple locations and is comprised of internal teams and teams working with clients.

Internal agency teams are typically:

  • Client
  • Prospect
  • Project
  • Location

Teams which include clients are typically ordered by project and location.

The business benefits of our Agency Platform include the following:

  • Keep all your discussions in the same place and prevent information getting lost.
  • Avoid the wasted time and embarrassment of publishing the wrong document.
  • Save time and increase agility as you receive fast approvals of collateral from clients.
  • Reassure clients with visible feedback to improve your client relationships.
  • Reduce the duplication of effort that occurs when team members are not aware of the latest developments.
  • Improve collaboration across teams and roles, reducing knowledge gaps.

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