Mvine For Diversity Networks

Mvine’s Diversity Networks Platform fosters an environment in which diversity networks will flourish. It enhances and complements inclusiveness, wellbeing and a sense of belonging for people within organisations, by creating trusted and secure groups where members can find people with similar diversity interests, share ideas, stories and anxieties while supporting one another. The platform is also a forum for networking and breaking down barriers in organisations and provides a central reference point for communities.

Mvine For Diversity Networks
Promote social inclusiveness and cohesion in common interest communities

Mvine allows you to manage multiple Diversity Networks on a single platform. Members have the ability to join multiple groups. For instance, a member might belong to the Women’s, Muslim and Disability group. For the member this ensures that all the activity for all their groups is aggregated into a single place: their personal “dashboard” or home page. On another platform they would typically have to log in to several different sites. For the community as a whole the provision for multiple groups reduces administration costs and makes it easier to communicate with groups and sub groups.

Diversity Networks used on the platform in the past have included a Carers’, Religious, Disabilities, Ethnic Minority, LGBT, Volunteer and Women’s Networks.

Diversity Network administrators have the freedom to create as many sub-groups as are required to meet the specific needs of their members

Typical sub-groups include those for particular:

  • Interests
  • Locations
  • Voluntary Work Groups

The benefits of our Diversity Networks Platform include the following.

  • Members access all diversity networks on a single site, saving administration costs.
  • Keep all discussions in the same place and prevent messages languishing in email inboxes.
  • Improve member confidence with fine privacy controls on individual profile attributes.
  • Prevent sensitive information, discussions or topics reaching the wrong people with secure groups.
  • Communicate with large groups of people with ease, ensuring everyone is aware of the latest news.
  • Draw social media feeds into a single place to reduce time spent on external sites.

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