Cyber-Secure Collaboration Portal

A secure portal that typically includes users inside or outside of the firewall.

A business social network that integrates with your corporate data and applications.

A contradiction in terms? Not with our Secure Collaboration Portal.

Collaboration Portal - This Mvine solution includes these key features
This Mvine solution includes these key features:
  • Unlimited special interest groups, supported by social collaboration tools.
  • Establish access rights by role and selectively delegate admin privileges.
  • Simple and flexible directory integration with on-boarding services.
  • Real-time business intelligence supports your governance policies and provides valuable user activity insights.
  • Integrated with your back-end systems, so you can enrich business relationships with live data.
Collaboration Portal - Solution Benefits
Solution Benefits

Have sensitive conversations safely

Whether your network is an M&A deal team or an employee support group, Mvine’s role-based security keeps members’ conversations private. Our real-time analytics and social intelligence capabilities provide an audit trail that protects your organisation from the consequences of careless talk.

Make informed decisions

Business relationships achieve more when they are enriched with live data from your back-end systems. Our superb integration capabilities, including out-of-the-box connectors, empower your users with application feeds and data dashboards.

Get more done

Whatever the job, your users need the right tools to get it done. Mvine provides a full set of configurable collaboration, social sharing and content management tools. From video to engineering plans, you can include and make available any digital asset. Our role-based security lets you define what each user can see and do.

Don’t wait for your network to work

With Mvine you won’t be sitting around waiting for users to turn up. Simple and flexible directory integration with on-boarding services let you populate your network immediately. Single sign-on makes it a breeze for users to get to work.

Power to the people

Give your users the power to manage their community on their own terms. Our highly granular role-based policy engine enables you to selectively delegate administration privileges, freeing you to concentrate on your day job. It’s all part of the Mvine advantage.