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Ecosystems of Business

Securing content and collaboration

Mvine speeds your customers' adoption of digital, delivering Ecosystems of Business.

Implement Content Service Platforms designed and personalised for inclusion of all your customers. Think of it as a single pane of glass on top of untamed processes and systems.

  • Provide customer interaction with cyber-secure digital assets plus voice, video and chat
  • Set-up Mspaces offering zero trust privileged access to protected information
  • Deploy digital experience platforms and assistive technologies integrated with cloud and hybrid applications

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Ecosystems of Business
Ecosystems of People

Brokering and building trust relationships

Mvine interconnects customer identity verification processes, delivering Ecosystems of People.

Federate across digital identity systems using our protocol translation and data translation hubs found at the heart of frameworks and schemes such as the UK Home Buying and Selling scheme.

  • Implement faster customer onboarding with strong authentication and step-up services
  • Move forward from Adaptive Authentication to Dynamic Trust Hubs and Attribute Exchanges
  • Answer demand for Digital Wallets holding verifiable credentials and eligibility certificates

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Ecosystems of People
Ecosystems of Things

Designing and delivering smart innovation

Mvine accelerates your Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 strategy, delivering Ecosystems of Things.

Achieve greater business impact harnessing an array of technologies at the edge and in the cloud, powering next generation architectures limited only by imagination.

  • Integrate Digital Twin dashboards with insights from billions of lines of live data streams
  • Trade through multi-vendor, multi-customer and multi-domain digital business marketplaces
  • Provide faster and cheaper Device Management Orchestration and Zero Touch provisioning

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Ecosystems of Things
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