Mvine For Associations

Associations provide a wide range of services to their members including events, news, qualifications, training, discussion boards and member directories. Mvine manages all these features alongside a business social network on a single secure platform.

Mvine For Associations
Collaborate effectively and securely with your members

The platform is member-centric but it is also designed with the organisation framework in mind. This dual philosophy is its strength. An active dashboard gives every member a real time view of the latest news and events added to the site. The system caters for the needs of associations as a whole as it allows for the secure management of membership.

Mvine allows associations to give the public access to an area of the site containing a classified board and trade directory detailing company information without compromising other areas which remain visible to members only.

Integral to the Mvine system is the ability to create as many groups as are required for an association. These groups typically include:

  • Association Board of Directors and internal officers managing internal processes.
  • Members granted access to events, news and training materials.
  • Students linked to the association, supporters and regulatory bodies.

Typical features of the Associations platform include:

  • Internal committee management.
  • A business social network for members.
  • Full events management with invitations, lists of attending members and payment integration.
  • Press Room for managing and publishing industry news.
  • Interactive global member directories.
  • Job, Classified and Discussion boards open to the public.
  • Knowledge Centres and Professional Training areas providing educational resources.
  • Security protocols which ensure that members are legitimate regular users and maintain the good reputation of the association.
  • Live analytics which allow association staff to see who is consuming what information.
  • Real time automated and personalised alerts. Members only receive updates on news and events that are important to them.

The business benefits of the Association portal include the following:

  • Facilitate secure member networking and grant access to the latest training and knowledge.
  • Improve communications and promote standardisation across the membership.
  • Reduce reliance on email and the associated information loss. Provide access to all association content, discussions and newsletters in a single central place.
  • Encourage prompt payment of membership fees by providing a shopping cart facility and reminding members using telephone and SMS alerts rather than email.
  • Produce a full audit trail using live business analytics. See who has viewed certain documents. This is particularly useful in regulated industries.
  • Replace offline membership directories with an interactive online directory which updates automatically with any changes. Both member and company profiles are searchable.
  • Control access to the site using secure authentication and preserve the association’s reputation. Ensure members can be confident that they are communicating with trusted experts only.
  • Provide a wide range of features on a single platform accessible anywhere from the cloud on any device whether computer, mobile or tablet.

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