Mobile Connect

A new standard in digital authentication, Mobile Connect will help mobile operators to manage consumers digital identities across multiple online services, ranging from access to content and services on the web through to more secure e-government and banking services.

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Your Solution Architects now have a new and powerful component to design with.

Sign-in and Sign-on credentials no longer need to be usernames, passwords or even passphrases.

Delivery is through the Mobile Connect API using the OpenID Connect standard.

Mvine’s One Cyber-Secure Platform: Mobile Connect - Technical

In under 1 minute, this video explains for you a key aspect of Mvine’s One Cyber-Secure Platform from a technical perspective. This video looks at the use case of Mobile Connect.

The Technology Behind Mobile Connect

The Mobile Connect product portfolio is delivered through the Mobile Connect API using the OpenID Connect standard. The service provider’s application invokes the API to request the desired functionality from an operator, for example to authenticate an end user or to request an end user to authorise a transaction. The operator engages with the user to fulfil the request and provide a response back to the application. Thanks to its unique federated architecture, the Mobile Connect API works seamlessly with multiple operators across the globe.

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