Verify Sandbox Service for Private Sector Identity solutions

Mvine Ltd, an established British SME, is one of the first organisations to bring a private sector digital identity exchange platform to the UK market leveraging the GOV.UK Verify identity scheme.

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Gain trust and be trusted

Consume or offer digital identity attributes without constraint to Know Your Customer (KYC) attributes

Work more reliably and more easily, with more attributes

You decide the number of attributes you consume or you offer

The number of attributes is up to you

It doesn't matter how many digital identity attributes you have or you need because, from today, you can trial our distributed identity management tool in a new sandbox environment created in collaboration with the Cabinet Office.

Solution Benefits

Open for more opportunities

The Identity Hub Service provided into the Cabinet Office sandbox environment by Mvine enables you to discover how Relying Parties (RPs) and Identity Providers (IDPs) will benefit from a new way of working that’s never been possible before. Your organisation's IT teams can run multiple 'dev and test' scenarios to make sure your organisation is fully prepared to participate in an open market on identities.

Secure and efficient

Using the Identity Hub Service by Mvine means you can consume or share attributes with others, enriching the level of trust you have in them and they have in you, assuring identities are verified beyond Know Your Customer (KYC) limitations.

More attributes

The Identity Hub Service by Mvine works like an exchange bringing together Relying Parties and Identity Providers who need something from each other. And that means you will benefit from being able to access a whole new world of digital identity attributes and add value to the services you offer to your customers.

Proven software that's available today

Get to work within days and weeks, not months and years. We know you need to move fast so our Identity Hub Service is available today and is ready to go when you are.

It’s all part of the Mvine Advantage.

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