Identity and Access Management

So long as your users stay behind the firewall, you can design security policies that protect access to your business applications. What happens when access is required to cloud based applications. In this case cloud SSO providers require you to create yet another directory or virtual identity source. Even more a problem, what do you do when you need to give clients and/or partners access to your applications, whether they be without or outside of your firewall! Another bigger identity store with users from outside the organisation!

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Get More Done, Safely and Securely

Improve your capability of deterring cyber attackers who give no warning.
Protect the privacy and security of your business information.

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Journey into the cloud with control and confidence

Our Identity and Access Management Services mediates between your identity stores and the outside world, enabling your security policies to extend their reach to systems outside the firewall. Your new cloud application can take advantage of the same groups, roles and access privileges that you have already defined for your internal systems.

Transcend organisational boundaries

Need to grant access to users from outside your organisation? Bringing external users into your enterprise directory can be time-consuming, risky and expensive. In a litigious and highly regulated world, who takes responsibility for an external user, in a directory that you maintain, accessing data or services when their privileges should have been revoked? Mvine’s unique hub-and-spoke identity architecture lets you avoid that headache. Our granular role-based policy engine even allows you to selectively delegate administration privileges across organisational boundaries, in a tightly controlled way.

Allow user access to cloud services without the pain

As a large organisation, wishing to allow users to securely access cloud applications, access management can be a headache if you have multiple sources of identity and do not want to create a consolidated directory. Mvine takes the brakes off and allows for your organisation to gain all the benefits of allowing user access to cloud services without the pain.

Proven software that's available today

Native directory integration is a complex business. Mvine has already integrated with all major enterprise directories, letting you get to work within days and weeks, not months and years.

It’s all part of the Mvine Advantage.

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