Brokering and building trust relationships

Mvine interconnects customer identity verification processes, delivering Ecosystems of People.

Federate across digital identity systems using our protocol translation and data translation hubs found at the heart of frameworks and schemes such as the UK Home Buying and Selling scheme.

  • Implement faster customer onboarding with strong authentication and step-up services
  • Move forward from Adaptive Authentication to Dynamic Trust Hubs and Attribute Exchanges
  • Answer demand for Digital Wallets holding verifiable credentials and eligibility certificates
Ecosystems of People

Consumers are used to the concept of authentication, with PIN numbers on payment cards being perhaps a useful example which is easiest to relate to, even if they don’t care about the technical terminology used when describing it.

What they do care about is getting done what they need to get done. And that when they go through any authentication process they are asked only for the barest minimum needed and that they are not asked repeatedly for the same information.

Mvine is a proponent of strong customer authentication and step-up. Mvine systems are designed to ease day 1 onboarding by requiring the least information needed and then looking for more as increased levels of authentication are needed.

It is both a science and an art to get right but Mvine’s technology provides the capability for day 2 step-up, in context, in real time, and in line with the levels of assurance required by proven digital identity infrastructures.

Mvine takes ‘adaptive authentication’ forward to the next generation by providing the infrastructure and components needed to run Dynamic Trust Hub environments.

Let Mvine simplify the complexity.