Brokering and building trust relationships

Mvine interconnects customer identity verification processes, delivering Ecosystems of People.

Federate across digital identity systems using our protocol translation and data translation hubs found at the heart of frameworks and schemes such as the UK Home Buying and Selling scheme.

  • Implement faster customer onboarding with strong authentication and step-up services
  • Move forward from Adaptive Authentication to Dynamic Trust Hubs and Attribute Exchanges
  • Answer demand for Digital Wallets holding verifiable credentials and eligibility certificates
Ecosystems of People

Being able to place any trust in people being who they say they are is fraught with difficulty at the best of times.

This difficulty is compounded still further when you need the ability to do that in the digital realm. Which is why Digital Identity has become a problem of the first order for organisations just like yours, placing a greater dependency than ever on digital as part of your shared channels.

If you’re new to the subject of digital identity, it’s helpful to break it down into its three parts: identification, authentication, and authorisation.

If you’re experienced in digital identity, or count yourself as a bit of a guru, then you will be pleased to know that Mvine masters the deep technical areas such as adaptive authentication and beyond into dynamic trust.

Mvine is recognised for its work engineering identity infrastructure which is resilient against threats and scalable in all situations.

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