Brokering and building trust relationships

Mvine interconnects customer identity verification processes, delivering Ecosystems of People.

Federate across digital identity systems using our protocol translation and data translation hubs found at the heart of frameworks and schemes such as the UK Home Buying and Selling scheme.

  • Implement faster customer onboarding with strong authentication and step-up services
  • Move forward from Adaptive Authentication to Dynamic Trust Hubs and Attribute Exchanges
  • Answer demand for Digital Wallets holding verifiable credentials and eligibility certificates
Ecosystems of People

The interplay between authentication and authorisation catches out even the most savvy of technologists coming fresh to digital identity. Take our word for it, the two are very similar and yet very different things.

Even though authentication may be confirmed, authorisation may or may not be granted.

What consumers care about is how they are made to feel if and when an authorisation step fails.

Acting as the hub at the heart of identity infrastructure, Mvine technology factors in the multiplicity of the user journeys needed, including authorisations, especially in cases where extra digital attributes are needed.

Mvine delivers its digital identity attribute exchange into situations requiring fully featured and fully functional integrations between all the parties now involved in digital identity ecosystems.

Let Mvine simplify the complexity.