Designing and delivering smart innovation

Mvine accelerates your Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 strategy, delivering Ecosystems of Things.

Achieve greater business impact harnessing an array of technologies at the edge and in the cloud, powering next generation architectures limited only by imagination.

  • Integrate Digital Twin dashboards with insights from billions of lines of live data streams
  • Trade through multi-vendor, multi-customer and multi-domain digital business marketplaces
  • Provide faster and cheaper Device Management Orchestration and Zero Touch provisioning
Ecosystems of Things

The proliferation of connected devices and sensors is well advanced. Across smart networks and smart grids, industrial sites, cities and towns, the degree of connectedness is increasing at a staggering pace.

Powering this is an impressive array of technologies, located ‘at the business end’ of the network where edge computing devices chomp through data collection or data delivery.

Mvine contributes to this landscape in the day 1 provisioning and day 2 running and maintenance of the digital services that the devices and connectivity provide.

From purchasing software services to the deployment of those software services, Mvine’s solution tames the wild and complex matrices of vendors, resellers, outsourced support providers, authorised users and, of course, the system administrators. Mvine’s technology makes the right data available for the right users, in the right place at the right time.

If that approach sounds revolutionary, it’s because the approach is revolutionary. At the same time, it’s not theoretical - it’s been proven to work.

Let Mvine simplify the complexity.