Brokering and building trust relationships

Mvine interconnects customer identity verification processes, delivering Ecosystems of People.

Federate across digital identity systems using our protocol translation and data translation hubs found at the heart of frameworks and schemes such as the UK Home Buying and Selling scheme.

  • Implement faster customer onboarding with strong authentication and step-up services
  • Move forward from Adaptive Authentication to Dynamic Trust Hubs and Attribute Exchanges
  • Answer demand for Digital Wallets holding verifiable credentials and eligibility certificates
Ecosystems of People

Different schools of thought exist on how best to establish the ‘identification’ element as part of digital identity. On the one hand there are centralised systems which contain all identification information about you held in a single place looked after by a data controller. On the other hand there are distributed systems which place the onus on you as the user to look after your own identification information.

Competition between these causes market polarisation which in turn creates a divergence of technology. All this produces fractures in digital architectures and identification assurance schemes when what end users really care about is convenience, control and confidence. And that necessitates harmonisation somehow between the multitude of systems and parties involved in identification verification.

Mvine technology was developed to take such divergence in its stride by acting as the technical honest broker, receiving and sending data between disparate systems effortlessly and securely. Performing the vital roles of both data translation and security protocol translation, Mvine’s technology provides a unique capability for managing data streams which deliver real time identification.

Able to process high volumes of data without seeing or storing passwords, or the data itself, Mvine’s platform is the hub at the heart of successful identity infrastructure.

Let Mvine simplify the complexity.