Mvine Ltd is an established British SME headquartered in London. The business is privately owned, stable, and growing in its chosen markets.

We deliver technology with personality. This improves the digital experience of your customers, members, partners and employees.

Best known as digital innovators since 2004, the software components we produce matter in ecosystems of business, people and things.

Everything we do is achieved through repeatable patterns in project management, service design, application design, testing and deployment on scalable cloud infrastructure.

Digital Identity for All Walks of Life
Digital Identity for All Walks of Life

Mvine’s campaign across Spring and Summer 2020 featured a pastiche of the iconic photograph taken on 8th August 1969 by Iain Macmillan for The Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ album cover. Our photo composition showed people of all ages on the world famous zebra crossing. It signified that crossing the Internet must be safe for all regardless of age, ability or social demographic status.

Our design team led by Mike Hurst delivered five explainer videos, one for each of our season’s salesplays, using our key colour orange. These short-form videos are high-visibility but carry no audio tracks. Watch, enjoy and learn but don’t turn up the volume on your device or computer!

Mvine’s One Cyber-Secure Platform: Collaboration Portal

In under 1 minute, this video explains for you a key aspect of Mvine’s One Cyber-Secure Platform from a business perspective. This video looks at the use case of Collaboration Portals.