Designing and delivering smart innovation

Mvine accelerates your Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 strategy, delivering Ecosystems of Things.

Achieve greater business impact harnessing an array of technologies at the edge and in the cloud, powering next generation architectures limited only by imagination.

  • Integrate Digital Twin dashboards with insights from billions of lines of live data streams
  • Trade through multi-vendor, multi-customer and multi-domain digital business marketplaces
  • Provide faster and cheaper Device Management Orchestration and Zero Touch provisioning
Ecosystems of Things

Whether you are working on ‘internet of things’ in an industrial sector or ‘internet of experience’ in a media and entertainment sector, you must remember that the volume of data will only ever increase as the count of devices, sensors and connections multiply.

But even getting to that stage is proving a bigger hurdle than many realise.

This means that how devices are deployed and provisioned matters and how those devices are securitised and maintained matters. And crucially, how those devices and the services running across them are billed, monitored and updated is the make or break for the majority of projects.

Device Management Orchestration is the name given to the answer you have been looking for. When done right, it factors in all steps from service selection and procurement, through in-life management, and right up until replacement and decommissioning.

Mvine’s team members have been working on smart city projects since 2011 and know about creating Digital Twins. We understand the pitfalls that cause project failures and the places to gain quick wins. We supply software platforms for Device Management Orchestration so that you can get on with your day job of running your business and enjoying greater success.

Let Mvine simplify the complexity.