Designing and delivering smart innovation

Mvine accelerates your Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 strategy, deliveringEcosystems of Things.

Achieve greater business impact harnessing an array of technologies at the edge and in the cloud, powering next generation architectures limited only by imagination.

  • Integrate Digital Twin dashboards with insights from billions of lines of live data streams
  • Trade through multi-vendor, multi-customer and multi-domain digital business marketplaces
  • Provide faster and cheaper Device Management Orchestration and Zero Touch provisioning
Ecosystems of Things

A hugely exciting area of 'internet of things' is happening right now in the search and selection of the right vendors and the provisioning of services.

When organising a project the sheer difficulty of buying from a wide range of sources has, until now, constrained your system architects to opt for prime vendor approaches and prevented them from ecosystems built from a multiplicity of specialised suppliers. In the past, that has hampered progress and innovation but it is now possible to change that with a new era of Digital Business Marketplaces.

Mvine built its reputation creating service catalogues, directories and detailed vendor listings. Today, for Digital Business Marketplaces, it brings that same pedigree and also develops the technology for those services to be seen, selected, purchased and billed, then used, monitored and maintained in highly automated ways not previously possible.

It means that any number of vendors, authorised resellers and service providers can participate in a vibrant, open and competitive market where buyers actively procure.

Let Mvine simplify the complexity.